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Graphic Design

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Branding and corporate identity goes above and beyond from just being part of a company logo or slogan, it is an important process that takes a great deal of time and financial investment in order for it to become a successful corporate image. In today’s competitive industry, it’s vital that the branding process is fully integrated with a powerful consistent and planned marketing strategy, because in the end, the brand is going to define the success of any company. At Enigma Creative Studio, we have the experience and capability to create, communicate and execute ideas, facts or any visual aspect that your business could need. From a business card to a billboard. For Enigma, each Graphic Design job represents an opportunity and a challenge in order to adapt your corporate image creatively and properly.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is the physical manifestation of your company or brand and refers to the visual aspects of the organization. Each company or brand identified with its respective logo, will have its own color palette and determined typography. These elements should be kept consistent in the associated designs of the company/brand.

Corporate identity should be consistent and planned so that current and potential clients and the general public recognize it independently in the way in which it is presented (web, leaflets, pamphlets, and others).

What can be included in the corporate identity service?

Corporate identity manual: it clarifies the different chromatic and graphic applications to utilize for the company, unifying and contributing to its positioning. The manual will include:

  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Color palette
  • Ways of using the identity

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